Vegan Coleslaw

There are few different ways to prepare this salad. The cabbage can be minced using the food processor or thinly shredded and mixed with the mayonnaise with a little mustard or vegetable oil and vinegar. I blanched the vegetables, as I prefer it to be a little bit softer and not that raw. Preparation: 10 […]

Steamed Chestnut

I saw the lovely chestnuts (shells removed and the skins still on) in the supermarket and brought some at the price of $6.80 per kilogram. Chestnut is the least fatty and starchiest of the nuts and is richly nutritious as well. There are many ways to cook chestnut, boiling with water, roasting in the oven […]

‘Egg & Mayonnaise’ Sandwich

Oooh, I really like this very much and feel like making them for friends and just tell them it is egg. It can’t really tell when the fresh scrambled tofu mixed with vegan mayonnaise, especially when you like more mayonnaise on it. Just control the amount of turmeric powder used or it can be omitted […]

Quick Mini ‘Steamboat’ Soup

This is a one-pot wonder for days that are too tired to whip up a big meal. It is improvised from the steamboat which we usually have, using its few common ingredients. Carrot is used to sweeten the soup and by using Chinese celery leaves (tang o), it spices up the soup with a lovely […]

Red Date Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulb Tea

I happened to find Lily Bulb while doing marketing yesterday and decide to do up this recipe. This tea is good for easing insomnia, restlessness and irritability. Lily Bulb (Bai He) is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to calm and relieve the mind in order to retain healthy energy within the body. And […]

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables

This dish has a combination of few different vegetables and makes it rather interesting and colourful. Blanching the vegetables instead of stir-fried them one after another is to have a better control on the crunchy texture of each vegetable and to avoid overcooking them. The sauce can be just light soy sauce plus sugar with […]

Easy Cream of Mushroom Soup

This is a quick and simple vegan cream of mushroom soup. As herbs or onion or vegetable stock is not used in this recipe, the amount of mushroom is generously more to boost up the flavour of the soup. If the soup is too thick, just thin down water some water. Just be a little […]

Simple ‘Omelette’

This is a simple vegan version ‘omelette’ using chickpea flour. To spice it up a little bit, I added freshly chopped coriander leaves and red chilli. You may need to add another 1 tablespoon of water if the batter is too thick. Preparation: 5 mins, plus 10 mins standing time, Cooking time: 5 minsIngredients (serves […]