Black and Gold Marbled Wedding Cake

So, taking off from where we left the conversation last time (what – a month ago, no?!), I don’t bake for orders. But I do frequently get requests. And – just saying – WhatsApp messages and DM’s asking for quotes on cakes at 10pm are a little annoying when your day frequently starts at 4.30am.
Those I just refer onto bakers I recommend – with a side note to contact them in the morning during working hours… 😜
But anyhoo…
When it comes to family and friends, it’s not that easy to say no. And often, it’s something that I’d like to do for them anyway. (Instead of buying you a birthday gift for R200, let me make you a cake worth R800 😅).
Often though, I think I’ll have the time to make the cake, because it’s due during a hiatus in the classes, but Murphy’s Law, I’ll get super-busy at the hospital or it’s a jam-packed week of school activities. And then it’s a scramble to get it done, and I curse myself for saying yes!
But such is life!

This was a cake I did for a my sister’s friend’s wedding.

Black fondant isn’t easy to work with, and I wouldn’t imagine it’s the most palatable. So I incorporated a lot of dark chocolate modelling chocolate into the mix, and used the panelling technique to cover the cake.
Another option would have been to use a base of chocolate marshmallow fondant.
Why? Because if you start with a dark chocolate colour, you get away with adding less food colour to your mix.

Thin strings of white are kneaded into the paste before rolling out, to create the marbling, and the gold veining is painted on afterwards, using a mixture of gold lustre dust and alcohol.

The bride’s choice of flowers were St Joseph lilies. I worked out a way to make them without having to wire individual petals. So when I have a gap, I’ll make a video of that process. 
I added in some black calla lilies and yellow filler-flowers. Both super easy to make. (More future videos!)
The cake itself was layers of carrot cake, sandwiched together with cream cheese icing, all covered in white chocolate ganache underneath the fondant / modelling chocolate. 

Despite cursing myself for saying yes, I actually enjoyed making this wedding cake and the opportunity to try out new techniques.

Be assured, though – I still haven’t changed my mind about taking on orders; no 10pm messages please!

Happy baking!