Brush Embroidery Cookie Tips

Last week we spoke about tips –  piping tips.
But the brush-embroidered cookies I used too illustrate the points (aha  – points, get it!) brought to mind another tip – the brush tip that works well for brush embroidery… (and yes – there’s another word-play opportunity there with tip, but I’m fighting the urge to point that out too.

A few tips for brush embroidery 
  1. the background should be flooded and dry
  2. use outline-consistency icing for the petals  (not too stiff, not too soft)
  3. work on one petal at a time
  4. use a firm, flat tipped brush
  5. keep the brush just-damp, not wet. 
  6. clean the brush frequently
  7. try the brush side-on and flat-on for different effects


I don’t consider myself a brush-emboidery expert, by any means. Have a look at Sweetambs tutorials and videos on the technique. And practice, practice, practice!

Happy decorating 😊