Cucumber Pickles

Cucumber is on offer lately at the wet market. So, I bought some and make this crunchy pickle.  Skip step 1 if desired, but double the amount of vinegar, sugar and salt. It would be less crunchy.   This sweet and sour cucumber pickles would pair well with spicy dishes. Lately, I have been playing with […]

Terrific Cabbage Roll Pickles

Coldplay – Life in Technicolor II (click to listen, have fun and enjoy!), it starts with upbeat music – a Indian Stringed Instrument – Santoor! Beautiful way of introducing a classical instrument, otherwise I would not even know that there is such beauty sound in the world. If only Vegetarian Cuisine just like Santoor in this […]

Pickled Pumpkin

Didn’t know that Pickled Pumpkin can be so yummy. I had Stone Pot Rice at Yes Natural Yes Natural (btw Yes Natural Bakery next door sells Delicious Curry Puff) and they have pickled pumpkin on it. It is crunchy, sweet and a bit sourly, very appetizing just like pickled papaya which I really like. I […]

Pickled Green Papaya

Oops, my green papaya going to turn orange soon ! Wow, this is so crunchy, that you can heard the sound when you bit on it. It tastes like the tidbit that I used to eat when I was in primary – yellow sour papaya, which we can just buy from the tidbit vendor on […]