Steamed Japanese Pumpkin (Kabocha)

Want some healthy snack which is rich beta carotene, iron, vitamin C and potassium, plus some tracers of calcium and B vitamins? Just steam some Japanese pumpkin aka Kabocha. After steaming, the skin of the pumpkin can be eaten, just make sure it had been thoroughly washed. If not, just throw it away. Preparation: 5 […]

Homemade Popcorn

Green Tea Popcorn (matcha powder and icing sugar) / Caramelized Popcorn It is so easy and simple to make popcorn at home. I bought a packet of raw popcorn (400g) for around $1.10 and within a few minutes I can enjoy my fresh popcorn. If you like it plain and healthy, there is no need […]

Cup Corn

The secret to sweet and delicious cup corn is to use fresh corn on the cob. Remove the kernels from the corn on the cob, stream and season with non dairy margarine and salt. Frozen corn can be used but the result is not that desired. Preparation: 2 mins, Cooking time: 10 mins Ingredients (serves […]

Steamed Chestnut

I saw the lovely chestnuts (shells removed and the skins still on) in the supermarket and brought some at the price of $6.80 per kilogram. Chestnut is the least fatty and starchiest of the nuts and is richly nutritious as well. There are many ways to cook chestnut, boiling with water, roasting in the oven […]

Steamed Banana Cake

Steamed banana cake usually calls for rice flour, tapioca starch, sugar and salt. I have a packet of waffle pancake mix (‘Red Man’ brand) and some ripe bananas. So, I make some steamed banana cake. It is extremely simple and easy, as the pancake premix contains most of the ingredients, I just need to add […]