Christmas Cookies 2016

Last year there were some grumbles, (no names mentioned, ahem….Tara…!) about the lack of red in the Christmas cookie palette. I’d used a deep coral pink instead, but apparently that wasn’t good enough ;o)

So this year there is red!
But no green.

About 4 years ago I did so many Christmas cookie classes that I couldn’t bear to look at the combination of red, white and green afterwards.  I’ll get over it eventually, I’m sure. (I do want to travel to Italy sometime, after all!).

Reindeer plaque inspired by Dolce Custom Cookies 

But for 2016, the colours are the same as I used for Christmas cupcakes 2 years ago. (That’s how I’m measuring time, now … in terms of class themes!)

 It feels a little odd making all these snowy creations in southern hemisphere’s mid-summer, but it’s a colour palette I love working with!

Snowman’s scarf cookie inspired by SemiSweet Cookies 

Do you want to see a couple of work-in-progress shots? Heres the snow globe taking shape…

Flooding the background, but leaving a gap for the snowman and filling him in later, gives the cookie an interesting dimension, I think.  Just right for a snow globe… 
You’ll find a post on reds here … (and it just happens to be the last Christmas cookies I made with thattraditional trio of colours!) 

Happy Christmas decorating!