Christmas Trifle with Champagne and Panna Cotta

Is Christmas Eve a little late to be posting suggestions for Christmas dessert?
It is – especially if, like us, you celebrate on the evening of the 24th!
But there’s always next year…

I made this trifle for a celebration dinner we had with friends last week,  because it has been ridiculously hot and a light trifle seemed like the perfect dessert.
The other reason I made it pre-Christmas, is because I know that the family we have coming over this  evening would far rather have cheesecake than trifle….
So  of course I’ve made a cheesecake (it’s a Nutella swirl cheesecake to be precise. I guess I should share that recipe too?!)

But this trifle went down really well, so it is something that I will make again.

Here’s a little video that I put together as a summary of the process. 
A couple of additional notes:
 – I used a small cake that I had in the freezer, made with the hot milk vanilla sponge recipe that I use for  basic cupcakes – it makes a great light sponge cake, so it’s not just for cupcakes. 
– any vanilla sponge cake or pound cake will do, even un-iced cupcakes. 
– I used a small squeeze bottle to drizzle the champagne over the sponge cake. The cake was moist, not sloshed!
– use this yoghurt panna cotta recipe and omit the berries
-the panna cotta has to be made in two batches because it sets (which is what you want it to do!) , but that does mean you can’t put aside half the batch to pour in for the second layer. 
– if you aren’t comfortable halving the panna cotta recipe for a small trifle, then pour the remainder of the panna cotta into small glasses and top with berries for extra desserts. 

I hope the rest is  sufficiently explained in the video, if not – feel free to comment with questions below!

Now I need to go and sort out that cheesecake!

Happy Christmas Eve. 💕