Confetti Cookies

March didn’t start out well. I caught this damn virus from my damn darling kids. And all energy and motivation fled in the face of it.
But thankfully it wasn’t the kind of virus that was here to stay, and I picked myself up and got cracking with party prep. Yes, March means my “little” girl is a year older and we have cakes and cookies to bake.

So Sweet! Divine 9. 

This year’s theme… can you guess?

Ok, I’ll tell you. It’s “Party like a Pineapple”.

Its choice was prompted by the fact that we leave for an island holiday the day after the party (happy dance!)

How exactly a pineapple parties, though, I’m not sure.
But, as I said on Instagram, I love this advice for a young girl:

(…that, and it helps to have a thick skin and a few don’t mess with me spikes 😉)

So, all said – I’m really enjoying this theme.

Here’s how to make the confetti cookies background:

Or, perhaps a video explains it better…
More pine-9-apple cookies coming soon!
Happy decorating!