Cupcake Cookies

It’s a learning curve, I tell people that come to my classes. 
Don’t expect to get it perfect the first time, I say. 
We’re not pursuing perfection – that’s something reserved for astronautical engineers and neurosurgeons. 
It’s just cake. If you mess up, eat the evidence. 
Or you could just decorate on top of the hole your finger made in the drying icing  (see the heart on that cupcake, bottom row? Yes, something like that…)  No-one will know. 

These were cupcake cookies I made a few years ago. I thought they were great at the time…

                                           I ‘d like to think that I’ve improved a bit since then…
 Learning curve. I tell you.  Steep learning curve! 

So take every opportunity to practice. 

This batch of cupcake cookies is one I did now for my niece’s birthday. 
(It’s great that family gives you the opportunity to practice your skills for free!)

Happy decorating!