Decorated Panda Cookies

School cake sales.
They never seem to coincide with the end of a session of classes when I’ve got demo cookies looking for a home. They’re always smack-bang in the middle of a busy-baking period.  
Of course, I could just make popcorn, or buy a dozen doughnuts (which are both great sellers…)
But I don’t.

I was already in cookie-decorating mode (for the ballerina classes and Jack’s party), so why not make a few dozen more…?!
The plan was to keep it simple, though: Minimal colours. Like black and white. Pandas! Great idea. Simple.
But then they needed blue eyes.
And pink paws.
And character.

So, these simple panda cookies took me a whole afternoon to decorate.           
And we sold them for R5 each at the cake sale. 
The economics of cake sale are um… amusing
We provide the treats to the school.
And then we give our kids the money to buy the treats that we’ve supplied to the school. 
So basically we’re paying for everything twice.  Funny, huh?!

That’s parenting in a nutshell… You pay for it! 


Happy decorating!