Easter Cookies – Little Lamb

I made a whole set of demo cookies for our Easter cookie classes using a completely different colour palette. Hated Felt dissatisfied with them; took to Instagram and got just the inspiration I needed from Genevieve, creator of Olly Polly Kids  and Motley
I really love the decor trend of simple monochrome colour schemes and minimalist looks. 
So, Gen’s suggestion of yellow, pale pink, and mint was the springboard; add black and white, and I couldn’t wait to get Easter-cookie-decorating… again!
It’s different to what we’ve done before, but very much in keeping with my desire to keep things simple this year in the cookie classes. 
The colour scheme was conducive to lots of wet-on-wet patterns – including those sheep/clouds (inspired by ChuraCookie) and woolly little lamb. 
That effect is created by first piping on the face, letting that set; then flooding the body in white. 
 Before that icing dries completely, pipe on more flood-consistency white in little mounds – not too close together, because they will still want to merge, as flood-icing does. 
Once dry, it creates that lovely slightly puffy, woolly look. 
Here are a few more designs – 
Flowers; bunny cheeks and ears done wet-on-wet. 
My favourite pattern – some marbling with the black and mint:

 And “HOP”
… it’s so much more forgiving writing on a cookie with thick wet-on-wet script if you have handwriting like mine!

Next post will feature the rejected cookies…
Happy decorating!