Easter Cookies – Peach Royal Icing

Let’s talk colours! It’s been a while and you know it’s one of my favourite topics.

After a theme is chosen, selecting colours is the next step. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not.
I try and limit it to 5 main ones, because the addition of an extra colour for a class means filling another 6 bags of icing.
One crazy Easter we had 7 different colours … 42 bags of icing. Yikes!

Easter can be particularly tricky. Pastels seem the obvious choice,  but what about those carrots and beaks (pesky hatched eggs!).
And (for me) the combination of orange and pastels is never… satisfactory.

So, it’s taken me 5 years, but I’ve found the answer: Peach!
Talk about obvious (hashtag facepalm!)

This peach is a mix of soft pink and egg yellow (Cake Flora / Americolor gels)  It wasn’t quite pastel enough, so I lightened it up with some bright white (bright white is a must have!)

The green (which is a more antique grey/green in reality), is made with a touch of navy blue and a dash of yellow.

And then there’s that taupe again … colour 💘

After the iced cookies were dry, I added dimension by dry brushing on some peach dusting colour.

And that’s as orange as we’re going this Easter… just peachy 😉

Happy decorating!