Easter Plaque Cookies

So these were the Easter cookies that didn’t make it to the finals. 
Looking at them now, I’m not sure what I was so dis-satisfied with…
The colours were bothering me, I wanted something fresher. 
And the designs seemed too fussy. 

But my dissatisfaction probably had more to do with my headspace on the day that I was making them, than the cookies themselves.
I mean, just look at that bunny peeping over the edge of the cookie – he’s totally huggable, isn’t he⁈ And eminently edible…. 😋

Probably the biggest reason why they didn’t cut it though, was because there was a fair amount of trimming involved in the cookie-baking process:
the mini egg cut out of the egg; the trimmed-off bottom of the large bunny face; and the plaque cookie ⦗bunny holding plaque, pic above, and lamb with plaque, pic below⦘.
For those I used a normal plaque cutter, and cut off one end using a small heart, to create that scalloped bottom.

Not so fussy, really, but just a little too much to take on as bulk-baking for busy classes. 
They weren’t discarded, though  – instead of being class demo’s these cookies went to school cake-sale, and all found loving homes 😉
Perhaps I’ll give them a try again next year. What do you think?
I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter!