Enchanted Woods Themed Moss-covered Cupcakes

Ok, I think I’ve got it out my system – all this woodlands stuff.

Well, until next March, at least.
I might just have convinced my daughter to have Enchanted Woods as her next birthday party theme…
{insert big grinning emoji here!}

I’ve even gone so far as to get a friend, who is now living in Chicago, to go across to her local Michaels craft store (which is apparently 2 minutes away from her – I’m sooo jealous!) and get me a moss table runner in preparation for the party (Yes, if you’re counting – it is 9 months away).
Presumptuous? Obsessive? Call it what you like, I consider it forward planning…!

But, I admit it is a little obsessive. I can’t stop myself, though. I love moss! Both real and edible. (Um. It’s possible that there isn’t a difference between the two. Especially if you’re a reindeer…)
You might remember that we used cookie moss a few months ago for our Easter creations. It worked beautifully, but unfortunately the green food colouring didn’t colour just the cookie crumbs. 
Green teeth aren’t cool. Funny maybe. But not cool. 
So, this time I made it a little differently. 
Here’s how: 
Colour a small amount of cookie dough green; roll it out thinly and cut it into randomly shaped pieces. Bake. 
(The baking turns the cookies a perfect organic-looking mossy green… Possibly because these were slightly over-baked … oops!) 
After the cookie shards cool,  process them until fine.

Then create a dome of buttercream on your cupcake and dip it in the crumbs. That’s it.
 Cookie moss for cupcakes. No green teeth. So much better! 
Happy moss-making!