Feather Cookies

I found a reason to take that cookie dough out the freezer and get decorating! 
Our lovely au pair/ baby sitter, Shauna, celebrated her 21st birthday this weekend, and she asked me to do some cookies for the party. 
While I don’t take on orders, I do entertain special requests. And this is a very special young lady, who is not only great with the kids (and the cats!), but has also chipped in to help us in reception at the practice now that my mother has become too ill to work there anymore.  
All off that, and a boho chic / shabby-chic theme: I couldn’t possibly say no :o)  
Some of the party decorations were white feathers strung up on pink satin ribbon. So that was my starting point for these cookies. 
(I made a variety, but I’ll share some of the others in another post). 
Here’s how the feather cookies were done: 

I don’t have a feather cutter, so I used a surf-board cutter and trimmed the ends freehand with a knife.  (Find my vanilla cookie recipe here.)

I outlined the top of the feather in pink and white below. (Outline with detail-consistency royal icing and an Ateco 00 tip or PME 1.5);  
then filled the top with pink flooding-consistency royal icing, 
and the area at the bottom with white flooding consistency royal icing. 
Using a scribe tool (a cocktail stick will work), I feathered the area where the two colours met, while the icing was still wet.

Here’s a close up of the area  (you see the feathering, don’t you?!)

Once the icing was dry, I used detail-consistency royal icing to add the central shaft to the feather. 
Fly free! 
Happy decorating!