Flamingo Cookies

It’s only twice a year that I make multiples of a cookie design (for each of my children’s parties), and every time I do, I’m grateful that its only about 25 of them. I don’t know how bakers/ decorators make dozens and dozens of a particular cookie and still maintain their creative passion (and not develop a serious case of the cookie-crazies!)

So when I do make multiples, I try to come up with ways to make it as easy as possible.
Like keeping the design and colour palette simple, using royal icing transfers, or a using a template like I did with this design.

 It looks like multiple steps (and it is!) but the guess work and fiddle-factor is taken out of it by having an outline to follow. The background icing (green and airbrushed gold dots) were done on one day, and the flamingos the next.  No cookie-craziness required!

 … Well, no more than usual!

Happy decorating!