Forest Friends Cupcakes

 You know I need my woodlands creatures fix – at least once a year. So while I was planning on teaching standard swirls and flowers for the “Basic Buttercream” cupcake class, I somehow got sidetracked by these guys. But the classes were better off for it!

It started with the fawn, top right, inspired by Christina’s Cupcakes. Soon followed by fox and hedgehog. Then it dawned on me that with Easter coming, we might as well bring some bunnies to the picnic.

Bunny fluff and hedgehog spines are piped with the Ateco grass nozzle – tip 133. 
The fox is piped with a small closed star nozzle – an Ateco 28. 
Before adding the fur and spines, though, it helps to have an idea of where not to pipe. 

To demarcate the foxes muzzle, use a round cutter to indent crescents into the buttercream:
And to outline the hedgehog’s facial area, use a heart cutter.  

Ears, eyes, noses, etc are made from a fondant / modelling chocolate  CMC paste blend. 

And that was that. Basic buttercream and sugar paste techniques sorted. We actually did pipe swirls and flowers, too – but the stars of the show were definitely the furry forest friends!
Happy decorating!