Fox Cake Topper

Have I told you before how much I love autumn (love love love!)? Maybe just about every year at this time?!
Blue skies and golden brown leaves. A time of  reprieve from the Durban humidity. And life seems to slow down a pace; which is welcome after the busy-ness of the first third of the year.
It’s the perfect season.
The only problem with autumn is that it’s not long enough. That, and a sad lack of hedgehogs…

Settlers colonised us with mynah birds and bug weed, but no hedgehogs. What were they thinking? (They’ve got a lot to account for!)

So, we’ll just have to make our own.
And a few foxes.

And who-whoo would say no to and owl or two?

They’re all made from a 50:50 mix of fondant and modelling chocolate ; and I’ve added some CMC / tylose paste to the mix to speed up the drying time (about a quarter of the total mass).

Happy (autumn) decorating!