Glutinous Rice Ball with Green Tea Soy Milk Dessert

There are many way to make glutinous rice ball dessert, which is normally eaten on Winter Solstice, Chinese New Year or other occasions. Traditionally, it serves with clear sugar syrup which is boiled with ginger slices or pandan leaves. Now, you can have different variants – Green Tea Soy Milk or other flavour soy milk. It is so simple!

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Ingredients (serves 4)
° 8 pieces glutinous rice ball (TangYuan)
° 500ml fresh soy milk (green tea flavour) or soy milk mix with matcha powder

1. Bring fresh soy milk to a boil over low heat and set aside.
2. Cook glutinous rice ball following the packet instructions, drain and transfer to individual serving bowl.
3. Ladle the soy milk into the serving bowl and serves immediately.

1. Assorted glutinous rice ball can be used, if desired.