Halloween Cookies 2019

Well, now…. I’m just about a decade behind on cookie posts. But you’ve seen the clips on Instagram and Facebook, haven’t you?
It’s been hard to keep up with everything this term. Just this morning I was fantasising about self-driving cars – I could just send the car to fetch the kids from school. But then I’d miss out on that flow of information that comes out when they get in the car. And the chance to connect with other mom’s while we’re waiting for the children to come out.
There’s a new show on Netflix called Living with Your Self. In a Netflix-nutshell, it’s about a man who inadvertently clones himself. It gets complicated. But  there’s two of him! I could do with another me!
Maybe even three … one to bake, one to work, one to parent.

Anyhoo…! That’s what weekends are for, time to catch up a little. So I may not catalogue all the recent classes. But sticking with the realm of fantasy, let’s start with the latest:

Here’s the video…..
And here are some of the sugar skulls we decorated ….

and a video for the roses ….

 I decorated more Halloween themed cookies this year than I usually do – many more. I had a lot of purple that I needed to get out of my system.

Which I did….

Happy decorating!