Halloween Finger Cookies

 Anyone for finger food?
*cackle cackle*

Halloween gets greeted with mixed emotions here in SA, for a variety of reasons, which I understand. But…
It’s such a fun theme to decorate!
 And it’s really the only time you can get away with a black, purple and orange combination… Which my inner rock-chick loves (once a year is probably enough of that, though!)

Despite wanting to, I wasn’t planning on baking any Halloween treats this year because of time constraints. But then I got this idea from the Pick ‘n Pay Fresh Living Magazine. And I just happened to have a little left-over cookie dough in my freezer that was perfect for the task.

Halloween Fingers

All you’ll need is cookie dough and pumpkin seeds. (The Fresh Living Magazine suggested using almonds, which also make great nails: quite ogre-ish; these are more zombie or witch-like, perhaps?!). 
And some coloured chocolate if you want to make them bloody. 

Roll out a sausage of dough
Use your fingers (or your 6 year old baking assistant’s if yours are busy taking photos) to roll indentations into the dough for knuckles
Place a pumpkin seed onto the tip of the finger for a nail. Push it in firmly. 
Use the blunt side of a knife to score creases on the knuckles. 

Bake for 10-12 minutes at 180’C (or until just starting to turn golden). 
Allow to cool. 
Optional – colour a small amount of white chocolate red (use red powdered food colouring), and drip over the severed ends of the fingers. 
And if you don’t do Halloween, then maybe they’ll work for your next Walking Dead party. But maybe you don’t do Zombies either! 
Happy (Halloween) decorating!