Halloween Zombling Cookies

I called these cookies Zombies, but my son pointed out that they’re not – they’re more like voodoo doll cookies aren’t they? But that idea creeps me out a little too much (i’m not sure why – ‘cos I’m not overly sensitive to ghoulishness!).
So I’m calling them zomblings, ok?

What I didn’t mention when I posted the Sugar Skull Cookies on Instagram and FB, was that those stunning skull cutters, were custom made for me by Treat Boutique. 
Lauri and Brad are always so happy to accommodate my requests for new designs!
But I thought of making these Zombling characters at the last minute, so instead of asking for another new custom design, I created them out of two of Treat Boutiques other cutters instead. 

This is the gingerbread man, and can you guess the other one?

It’s a pocket watch – made when we did Alice in Wonderland cookies a few years ago! 
Merge the two cookies together, and bake. 

And look how those cut out bits didn’t need to be discarded, they made perfect mini skulls!

Now that’s good magic, huh?!
Happy baking!