Ice-Cream Cone Birthday Cake

And then there was the cake.

It’s been a really busy week, but I had Thursday put aside to make Sabrina’s birthday cake.

Then I got called to help out in theatre Thursday morning. So, ok – I still had Thursday afternoon free (with the party Friday afternoon).
But of course morning work in theatre, evolved into afternoon work in theatre.

Well, I still had Friday morning…
And of course I was called out to a caesarean on Friday morning. 🙈

So, a little rushed – it could have done with some finessing – but here’s the cake as it turned out.

The  cone part  is vanilla cream cheese pound cake, covered in a modelling chocolate / fondant blend. 
The scoops of ice-cream are large cupcakes (rich chocolate, and red velvet) roughly covered in buttercream to look like ice-cream. The swirl of cream is also buttercream icing. 
The design was inspired by ice-cream cone cakes made by Shawna McGreevy and Darcey Oliver. 
Despite it being such a rush, it was really fun to make. And my daughter loved it – which is all that counts!
Happy decorating!