Ice-Cream Sundae and Sweet Treat Cookies

For me the jury is still out on the subject of sweet treats that look like savoury snacks – you know the ones I mean: french fries made out of cookies; cakes that look like pizza and hamburgers…
Maybe it’s because I’m actually a savoury person (I know, I know!) and the thought of biting into a cheese burger where the cheese is fondant and the tomato sauce is icing,  just isn’t appealing 🙈

But sweet treats that are decorated to look like other sweet treats… that’s a different story! I loved decorating this set.

Ice cream sundaes, donuts and macarons; cupcakes, ice lollies and cones – all cookie‘d. 
Even the donut is iced. Yes, yes, you can see the icing – but that’s icing on top of  icing, not just a vanilla cookie. The vanilla cookie is iced to look like a vanilla donut… Are you seeing it?😅
(As I told the ladies in the class, no cutting corners – we’re decorating cookies, and that means we’re decorating cookies!) Even the sprinkles are iced…!

You don’t need a huge variety of cutters to make these cookies. See that flat-bottomed cone and the sundae? It’s the same cutter, just trimmed.  And the macarons, donut and bitten choc-chip cookie (oops – you’ll have to look on IG for that last one!) are all done with round cutters.

And the best thing about these… if the kids hand you their half eaten ice-cream (usually in the car while you’re driving) it’s not going to drip all over your hands as you search for somewhere to dump it! 

Happy decorating!