Impromptu Dessert … (Matcha Jellywith Red Bean and Soymilk)

My young man invited our neighbour’s son over after a cycling workout in the neighbourhood. Gosh! It is a little too late to whip up anything except toasting some French Fries and Vegetarian Otah.  So, looking in the refrigerator, I happened to have 3 items – Green Tea/Matcha Agar Agar, Red Beans Soup (I finally learn the trick on how to cook soft red beans) and soy milk!
What I did was to combine them all together in a minute, snap a photo of it and served in a small bowl.  Then, I did another variant without the soymilk (just green tea agar agar with red beans) and another presentation in a glass.
So, at the end of the day, my neighbour’s son had 2 servings of my Impromptu Dessert – the one with soymilk!  Could it be the presentation that makes it look tempting? Guess so, in this era, chefs have to master the art of food presentation as well, it is even more important for Veg*n Cuisine …
Feel free to replace Green Tea/Matcha with other ingredients or a mixture of different variants agar agar/jelly for a more interesting dessert.
There is a new instant Sea Bird’s Nest (Funori) with red dates and rock sugar block, where it only required hot water to make it into a drink. Use that to make the Jelly, if desired. For a more wobbly texture jelly, consider using Ice Jelly powder instead.
Was reading a non-vegetarian cookbook (Haute Chinese Cuisine), it had a very attractive soup – Jade Soup with Bird’s Nest! The garnish on this thick Green Peas soup is bird’s nest in sweet syrup.  Nice name, good pairing and a good write up on it.

Guess, by changing it to Sea Bird’s nest (finely shredded or fine strips) and using Red Bean Soup or something else, it can be something amazing too …