Kokeshi Figurines

If I’d thought ahead, I could have thrown myself a Kokeshi-themed birthday party this year: a garden full of paper lanterns; platters of sushi; these cookies, and these fondant figurines on a cake  – wouldn’t it have been great?!

 But I didn’t.
I should at least have made a cake, though. Maybe then my birthday wouldn’t have been the non-event that it was!
Let me tell you about it (this was yesterday) – the morning was spent ferrying my son and some of his classmates to their end-of-year school outing; and the afternoon in the Xray dept. Not for my son, but for my daughter who’d fallen badly (with a little help from her brother), and cracked her collarbone.
It was a “special” day, but not for the right reasons! I was very grumpy. Not very Zen!

Today’s been better. I’ve realised that spending the day with my children (despite the challenges and injuries) was a great privilege. So, there – my Zen is back. And besides – after 30 you only need to celebrate the decades, right?!
Kokeshi party 2024…

 Happy decorating!