Liquorice Allsorts Cake

Great news, guys – my daughter has decided (all on her own accord – not even one hint from me!), that she’d like a movie party for her next birthday. So I’ll get a chance to make a popcorn cake, after all!

I’ve also always wanted to make a cake with liquorice all sorts. And this non-party of Jack’s was the perfect opportunity, considering it was a non-themed celebration. 
If you recall, I’d put Friday morning aside to decorate the cake. But then  I had to spend that time making replacement cookies, instead. 
As a result, putting this together was a bit more rushed than I’d have liked. Especially considering I had just started placing all the candies when I got called to an emergency caesar, and then while I was at the hospital, another emergency caesarean was booked. 
Be warned – if I have a birthday cake to decorate, someone in Hillcrest Hospital is going to be have an emergency caesar 🙈
A couple of notes on constructing this cake:
 – I didn’t use a number 1 pan, but simply cut out the strips from a square cake. 
– I used this recipe for the chocolate cake 
– I didn’t, but should have, started with placing the candies along the edges, and worked inwards from there. (To create a neat outline, that’s why!)
On the subject of the sweets:
–  cut diagonally through some of the liquorice allsorts to create triangles, to vary the shapes
– have both small and large candies; some sugar coated, some chocolates for textural interest; and some colour co-ordinated decorated cookies as focal points 
And, lastly,  something important that I learnt for the first time with this cake – liquorice and chocolate are an awesome combination!
Happy decorating!