Mini Tofu Balls

This is not a new recipe, I just use the old recipe created in Mar 07  – Crispy Tofu Balls.

Explore old recipe … Experiment with a new presentation … Exchange ideas … new appealing dishes Evolved … So, just be daring and start enjoying the fun.
By serving this cutie mini tofu ball wrapped in lettuce leaves, it becomes a finger food and a perfect item for parties! It gives a light and healthy appeal. A homemade special dipping sauce which can be as simple as spicy mayo sauce or mixing tomatoes and chilli sauce or change around the sauces, mixing and matching, would add a new twist to it.  Replace lettuce leaves with few julienned carrot, green mango and alfalfa, then team with green mango salad sauce, if desired.
This little cuties tofu ball can be served with Tomatoes and Herbs Sauce Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Herbs Sauce
Or add few of these tofu balls to the Spaghetti with Tomatoes Sauce Spaghetti with Tomatoes Sauce, to make a more complete meal.
Is Veg*n Food is bland and boring? Nay! We can even re-invent those Traditional Veg*n Food and make it New Style Vegetarian Cuisine.

p.s. A little secret! In fact, I didn’t purposely re-do these tofu balls, it was some left over when I used them for creating the Tofu Cabbage Roll … then I started playing with the lettuce leaves and homemade pasta tomatoes sauce I have in the kitchen with these deep-fried tofu balls …