Monsters! (Monster Decorated Cookies)

Apparently, monster cookies are not these…

or these…

 If you’re looking on Pinterest, or Google “Monster cookies” you’ll discover that they (monster cookies) are peanut butter-oatmeal cookies, packed with chocolate chips and M&M’s. Apologies if you know all this already. But they’re not a South African thing. (Yet… They look and sound yummy, though – so let’s start the trend, SAfrican bakers!)

So, these are monster decorated cookies. (Let’s ignore the fact that the word cookie has all sorts of other connotations in South Africa, shall we?!)

Monster (decorated) cookies, are such fun to create.  You can basically take any cutter and turn it into  a monster, with a little imagination.

Can you match the cutter and the cookie?

And using combinations of cutters, gives you even more options.

 (I only did that for one cookie, though – using the russian doll and the caterpillar. Cutting out multiple combinations of multiple cookies for a class was just too daunting!)
Have a look at this post by Klickitat Street  to see some great ideas of how to use combinations of cutters. 

Such fun! And just look at how happy that pineapple was to be made into a cute monster!

Happy decorating!