Passion Fruit ‘N’ Papaya Pickle

Passion Fruit ‘N’ Papaya Pickle
Papaya, Passion Fruit, Lemon Juice and Maltose – just mix it and play with it … 

Match it. Mix it. Play with it. Yes, it is so simple …

Preparation:     45 mins
Ingredients (serves 4)                              
°         600g green papaya shreds
°         1 tablespoon salt
°         1 passion fruit pulps
°         1/2 green lemon, freshly squeeze
°         4 tablespoons maltose or to taste  
1.      Sprinkle salt on the papaya shreds and mix well. Let it sweats for 15-20 minutes.
2.      Wash and drain the papaya shreds well. Squeeze the papaya shreds to remove the moisture as much as possible.
3.      Combine the papaya shreds, lemon juice, maltose and passion fruit pulps in a glass container, mix well and leave to stand for 3hours prior to serving. It can be kept for 3 days in the refrigerator.