Pop Art Cookies

As much as I try keep on top of everything, sometimes something has to give. Unfortunately it’s often here… These pages.
While I prioritise making sure homework is done, children are fed, and wedding cakes are made (wait what?! I don’t bake for orders! More on that next time…) keeping up with social media is a constant niggle in the back of my mind. And it shouldn’t be, right? I mean I’m  generation-before-they-started-giving-them-cute-labels and I wouldn’t be caught dead taking a selfie unless someone else was in it. Why this pressure, then? Because I am a keep-on-top-of things kind of person, and seeing as I have an IG account and a FB page, I feel I need to post pretty things, pretty regularly. So I hope you’ve spotted the things that I have posted there the last month, while I might not have managed to keep up on the blog.

Let’s back track a little now, though …

I can’t remember when I first came across Romero Britto’s art, I must have been searching for inspiration for something else. But it immediately caught my eye – how could it not?!

The bold bright, designs with their black outlines are visually so appealing.
For these cookies, though, I changed the colours to be more suitable for a Mothers Day theme. Pinks, purples, greens and blues.

Something to note is that, although the patterns are busy, if you limit the colours to a dark and light shade of each, its not visually overwhelming – light green with dark green spots; light purple with dark purple stripes. 

Here’s a video of the apple being decorated. 
Adding the last details with an edible marker makes a huge difference. That really puts the pop in the pop art cookies!

Happy decorating!