Popcorn and Cola Cookies

So here’s the story of these popcorn cookies, that I hadn’t intended to be make. 

My son’s birthday was on Sunday. He wasn’t supposed to have a party. 
I’ve told my two – I’ll give you parties until you’re 10; then after that, only at 13,  maybe 16, 18 and 21. But we’ll still do something with just a couple of friends to have a small celebration. 
The “something with a couple of friends” for Jack’s 11th birthday became movies with 10 boys 🙈

They were going to gather at our house first for cake, and then we’d transport them all to the cinema. And because they love the decorated cookies (and also because I’m a sucker for punishment), I made a couple of cookies for each of the boys. (Beginning to sound like a party, isn’t it?! ) 

There was no theme for this non-party; the cake was going to be bright, so the cookies were in that vein. 

Cookies all done; Friday was put aside to decorate the cake. Then Jack says to me on Thursday night (after sports practice, homework, supper…just before bed) “Mom, have you made cookies for me to take to school tomorrow?” 
I had planned on sending birthday treats in on Monday, which would give me Sunday to make them. No, no. He’d decided Friday was a much better idea. 

So, the cookies that I’d made for his non-party were taken off to school, and of course we needed replacements for Saturday. Just something simple, “but with a movie theme, Mom”. 

Well, here they are – simple, movie themed cookies: 

They are pretty simple actually – just two colours, a bit of airbrushing and painting. Really not very complicated….! 

I used a cupcake cutter for both the popcorn and the cola cookies. Just trimming a little for both. 
The video shows you the rest… 

In retrospect, I should have done a popcorn cake. But I didn’t. We’ll have to convince my daughter to have a movie party, so I get a chance at that. (Can’t wait to see how different a group of 10 x 10 year old girls behave compared to the boys!) 

Happy decorating!