Puppy Love Valentines Cookies

 Did you notice that I used my cookie-colour of 2017 in the “Puppy Love” class?!
A brown and white puppy would still have been cute, of course … but a taupe and white puppy…😍

I nearly didn’t do this as a Valentines theme. I had something else in mind, and a pet-themed class was on the cards for later. But with doing fewer classes, it’s getting hard to fit in all the themes.
So an amalgamation of Valentines and pets happened. And I think it works, don’t you? There’s nothing quite like the uncomplicated love of a pet, right? What a great way to celebrate Valentines Day.

Plus it’s an option for the single people out there who don’t necessarily want to decorate typical V-Day cookies. (I love you, crazy cat ladies!)

 Here’s a look at the progression of Patch, the taupe and white puppy: 

(Thank you Lauri from Treat Boutique for the cutest puppy cutter!) 
A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself…

Happy Valentines Day!