Quick Almond Paste Dessert

Apply the same method for Quick Sesame Paste Dessert, by making slight changes to the ingredient, you can have a different dessert. So, if you do not like sesame, change it to almond powder or grounded peanut powder. The almond powder with fritillaria cirrhosa consists of sugar, therefore, sugar is omitted in this recipe. 

Preparation:     3 mins Cooking time:  5 mins 
Ingredients (serves 2)
°         6 tablespoons almond powder with fritillaria cirrhosa
°         2 tablespoons glutinous rice flour
°         500ml water
°         1 tablespoon almond syrup (optional)
1.      Combine all the almond powder, glutinous rice flour and water in a pot and mix well. Keep stirring and when the mixture bubbles, turn off the heat. Add in the almond syrup and mix well.
2.      Ladle the dessert into individual serving bowl and serve hot.