Rainbow Spectrum Cupcakes

Why is it that rainbows make us happy?
We could go scientific and speak about the wonder of prisms reflecting and refracting light.  We could go deep and philosophical and speak about how rainbows symbolise hope and renewal when they appear with the calm after a storm. And that is all true.
But I think our delight in rainbows is simply the  magic of revisiting our childhood excitement at the words – look! there’s a rainbow.  It’s an ingrained joy.

Now,  what is not a joy is a kitchen full of buttercream, right?
And these cupcakes look like a lot of work, don’t they? Imagine all those mixing bowls and filling all those bags with the different coloured icing!

Would you believe me if I told you I only used two bowls and one icing bag and nozzle?!
Believe me!
Here’s how to make Rainbow Spectrum Cupcakes… 
Place a small amount of uncoloured buttercream in a bowl (enough to pipe approx. 3 cupcakes).
Add a drop of yellow gel colour. 
Put this yellow icing into a disposable icing bag fitted with the nozzle of your choice.
Pipe three rosettes. 
Return any left over icing to the bowl, and top up with a couple of spoons of plain icing. 
Add a drop of blue colour to the icing, and a drop of green. 
You should have green icing. 
Put this into the same icing bag that you used before. Pipe rosettes. The first couple will have a little bit of yellow on the outsides of the swirls – lovely!
Return any left over green icing to the bowl, and top up with more plain icing. 
Add more blue colour. You’ll now have turquoise icing. Put this icing into the bag… 
you’re getting the picture?!
You’ll probably do one more blue – make it a pure blue, don’t use the left over turquoise in this batch. 
After the blue, you are going to add pink gel colour to your bowl of icing (leftover blue, topped up with plain icing) – pink and blue mixed together will make purple. 
Add a little more pink to the icing for the next round, to get a pinker purple. 
After the purple, it’s time to change bowls. Discard any leftover purple icing, you’ll want a true pink next, but still use the same icing bag. 
…can you see how using the same icing bag adds to the effect? Each of the previous colours can be seen as a trace on the next shade. 
The magic of the colour spectrum… it’s really the magic of science!

Happy baking 💕