Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake

A couple of months ago I started work on a cake that I was making just for the pleasure of making a cake! What?! 
 Then reality whacked me on the head (with a hammer fist), so I wrapped up the un-finished cake  (in double layers of cling wrap) and packed it away in the freezer. 
I can’t even remember what my original plan for it was 😮
But finally, its moment to be released from cryo-existence came: My niece’s 14th birthday party – slap, bang in the middle of a very busy work week and Mothers Day cookie classes. How very handy to have a half-decorated cake already in residence. What great foresight, on my part ;o) 
A quick unicorn topper, and a bit of airbrushing later and the birthday cake was done. 

See how I cover a double barrel cake here.
See Crumb Avenue’s adorable unicorn tutorial here.  Mine is the teenage version ;o)

Because you’re never too old for a rainbow unicorn cake…! 
Happy decorating!