Tempeh with Honey

A simple recipe which I don’t know what to write about! Writing is never my strong point and I find it difficult to express. Recently, reading some non-vegetarian cookbooks, they have short and sweet description of their recipes together with beautiful photo – informative, interesting yet entertaining, therefore, it leaves an impact on the reader. Something which I may want to achieve.
Cooking is no longer just to fill the stomach, in this era, it is something more – it is a piece of Art without comprising the taste and quality of food or maybe it is even more than that, I don’t know! So is cooking my passion, in fact, it isn’t. Then, these must be the food that my family or my favorite dishes. Surprisingly, it isn’t too, what I really like could not really be found in here, it is a secret! So, the starting of this blog was never planned and it just grows. Now I treat this as a “Mandala” which is impermanent, therefore this blog can cease or exist depend on the “law of nature”.
Preparation: 5 mins, Cooking time: 15 mins
Ingredients (serves 2)
 2 (100g) fresh tempeh, diced
 1½ tablespoon honey
 Salt to taste (optional)
 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds
1. Mix the tempeh, honey, salt and sesame seeds a bowl.
2. Place them in the oven toaster and toasted for 10-15 minutes or till golden brown.
3. Serve immediately.