Tribal Chic Cookies

Just as I was scheduling this Tribal Chic themed cookie class, my lovely friend Lauri from Treat Boutique added tee-pees, feathers and arrows to their cookie cutter range.
Such great timing! I couldn’t wait for the class to arrive so that I could get tee-pee decorating.   

But after I made the initial demos, I wasn’t thrilled with my results. They were too blah. Missing something. Just… blah.  
So I went looking for inspiration on Google and Pinterest. (Thank goodness for Google and Pinterest!)
These cookies by Bee Sweet Confections had already caught my eye.
I wasn’t going to make them, however, because I don’t (didn’t!) have a fox-face cutter. 
But I kept on being drawn back to them. They were so appealing. I loved the angularity of that face…
And eventually it dawned on me that I could make the fox face. It was all in those angles!

I suspect that this is the way that Bee Sweet made them, too. (Such a clever fox!) 
Using a set of hexagon cutters (also from Treat Boutique)… 
….cut out a large hexagon, then use a small hexagon to cut out a portion of the cookie dough. 


As it turns out, the fox face and wood-look plaque (also a later addition) turned out to be two of my favourites in this set. 
And can you see that the dream catcher is the same plaque as the wood-look cookie just with the one side taken off? 

As much as I love getting new cutters, I also love making cookies from creative use of the cutters I already have. So foxy  ;o)

Happy decorating!