Unicorn Topper and a Photography Cheat

This was my first modelled creation for 2017.  I posted her on Instagram (@tea_cake_and_create), with the caption  Lots of unicorns around at the moment – it must mean it’s going to be a magical year. 
Let’s hope so!!
You’ve got to leave room in your life for a little magic, right?

Talking about magic – what do you think of the bokeh in these pictures (that’s a fancy term for the out-of-focus lights in the background of a photo)?
You can achieve it by using a decent camera to take a picture with a small f-stop (large aperture) – so that the background gets blurred.

Or you can do what I did and print out an A4 picture of bokeh and stick that behind your cake…
hashtag photography_cheats101!

One of these days I’ll to get around to ordering a larger-sized real photography backdrop.
But until then, with some angling and cropping – my home printer and colour cartridge is all I need to create a bit of background magic.

Happy decorating and photographing!