Winter Gingerbread Cottages

There’s a reason why I’ve never done a Christmas gingerbread house class. 
Let’s be realistic, this is Durban… Christmas means heat, humidity, and ants (and family and fun and festivities, yes – but mostly heat and humidity 🙈)
So, winter is the best time to construct these cottages. They’re not going to fall apart as soon as you’re finished putting on the final shingle…. 

 Talking about shingles, how clever is that idea to use ribbons or twine to keep the roof together?!
So clever. I can’t take the credit. Thanks Pinterest!

 These cottages are a lovely size – not too large that they require a kilo of royal icing to construct, but not miniature either.
The perfect size for a little weekend getaway spot in the woods  😉

My lovely friend Lauri of Treat Boutique  made up the cutters for the class for me, but I used a template to test out my design initially. I’ve shared the dimensions with you here. But please support Treat Boutique and order cutters from them.

You’ll need to cut out two of each shape. 
The cottage is narrow from front to back, so note how the  long axis of the roof is orientated. 
The side walls are also orientated with the long axis up/down and not sideways. 
The dashed lines in the drawing are optionals – a scalloped edge for the roof, and a circle cut out of the front of the cottage. 

A sprinkling of royal icing “snow” completes the winter wonderland look.
See here to make royal icing crush – Use white royal icing instead, and ta-da … it’s snowing in Durban!

Happy cottage constructing!